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RH Bill Revisited : My Stance

Note : It’s been two or three years now since the controversial RH Bill was first discussed. But until today, there is no development weather positive or negative regarding this pending bill. So as we have no new topic regarding this issue, I will just re-post my old reaction that was posted last November 11, … Continue reading

My Violent Reaction: Parent Abandonment Bill, Isang Kalokohan!

After learning na may bagong bill ang House Bill No. 2295 or “The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents, Senior Citizens and Elderly Act“, na gusto daw i-enforce ang financial support sa mga elderly una naisip ko tama yan, but for a while nakita ko ang gusto nito mangyari at dyan ako ngaun against. The bill was … Continue reading

RE-POST : The Salvation Paradox By Ben Doublett

Recently, there has been an image going around the internet of a bust of the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, an early atheist and materialist who was the first to postulate the existence of atoms, with a clever quote from him that reads: “Is God willing to prevent evil, but unable?  Then he is not omnipotent. … Continue reading

So Creationists. A Universe From Nothing?

Hardly an hour goes by without some Christian or Muslim fundamentalist posting a message on Twitter to the effect that Atheism/Evolution is the belief that nothing went bang and magically created everything, or some such infantile parody of science. Of course, a few minutes on Google, or reading a book on Big Bang cosmology would … Continue reading

Why God Allows Pain: The Barbershop Theodicy | Filipino Freethinkers

Whenever believers try to defend their faith in an intervening God using reason (or more precisely, pseudo-reason), the critical thinker cannot help but point out the fallacies. There is this email being circulated that tries to explain the problem of evil and why God allows pain and suffering. To read more, click the link below.. … Continue reading

Humility: Reason vs. Faith | Filipino Freethinkers

I often hear religious people say that freethinkers are proud people, leaning on their own human understanding. The faithful claim to be humble, acknowledging our limited wisdom and thereby surrendering mind and will to the Almighty, the Supreme Being of the universe. At first it seems they have a point, but if we look closely … Continue reading

Dear Sheep… From Darc Xed

WARNING: Before you read this post, if you are a Christian or a believer of any deity, before you react violently or criticize, please read the post with an open-mind and broad understanding. And then try to analyze the writing. Dear Sheep, Please understand this. Atheism is not a fad. It is not a religion. … Continue reading

Nothing… Yes, You Are ‘A’ Nothing!

Nothing denotes things lacking importance, interest, value, relevance, or significance. Nothingness is the state of being nothing, the state of nonexistence of anything, or the property of having nothing. In mathematics, the number zero is sometimes used to denote nothing. The empty set {} contains no elements. In computing and/or programming, nothing is known as … Continue reading

From A Proud Catholic Moron

While surfing the net a few months ago, a bumped into this page, And as I read this, I can’t stop my self laughing on this one, especially when I started reading the comments by the readers. Here is one of the best “Dumb-Ass” defense of their Christian faith, against those who we’re called … Continue reading

You Be The Judge : Why Manny Won

Watched the Pacquiao – Marquez III fight? Dismayed I guess? ^_^ Many viewers and netizens we’re somewhat disgusted or disappointed with the result, for me my self, I knew JJM should had won the fight. But after I did some research what really transpired and happened in the event, I bumped into this one which … Continue reading

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