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What It’s Like

“What It’s Like” is a single from Everlast’s 1998 album Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. The song is typical of the style Everlast embraced after leaving hip-hop trio House of Pain, being a combination of rock, hip-hop and blues incorporating characterization and empathy towards impoverished protagonists. The song went to #1 on the Billboard Hot … Continue reading

Life Living in a Big Lie

Our life is just a big lie, Because, even if we’re living in the present, Our mind is trapped in the past. And now, no matter how we hate flashbacks and rewinds, Still can’t escape the pain that is trapped inside our mind. And in the end, all that is left is just regrets. Pain … Continue reading

Love Is The Answer – Raymond Hannisian

Morning comes and I must go; day is breaking yonder. After all the places I have been, now I’m going home. I have been to seek the sky, to travel on the highway And the time has come, I don’t know why I’m going home. Where is the answer to so many questions… I don’t … Continue reading

REPOST : A Poem for Mary (Magdalene)

As he passed through Magdala His followers trailing in the dust She spotted him and  said to herself, “that Rabbi carpenter is a hot one.” Off she went  to have her ‘demons’ cleansed. He sure knew how to do that, among other things, and he made her laugh, and made her cry out, “Oh, Jesus!” … Continue reading

Do Not Ask Of Me My Love

Do not ask of me, my love, that love I once had for you. There was a time when life was bright and young and blooming, and your sorrow was much more than any other pain. Your beauty gave the spring everlasting youth: your eyes, yes your eyes were everything, all else was vain. While … Continue reading

We Came From The Past

What we are today came from the past. And what tomorrow brings you is the result made by you today. Memories can be ignored and eventually forget, But you can’t ignore that what you are right now is due to your memories recorded inside your head. Weather it was made from happiness or from sadness. … Continue reading

Connection of Man to Nature

When man isolates himself and ignores the pleas of mother nature… When man stops listening to her cries of help… Surely, nature makes her revenge… …by bringing disasters and calamities. Update: This, I dedicate to all the victims of typhoon “Sendong” and to those who are responsible to the disaster.

Rear-View Mirror

So, how will you look into your past, present and future? Here is the accompanied poet that I bumped while searching for a topic. Today I spent time Swimming in the deep end The deep end of trust That sunk fast Into the waters of distrust In contrast of what we heard It was a … Continue reading

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"Sometimes, it's good to write a lil' story about your life, for it's about sharing the experience you have to the world." - Frederick Bolastig
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The Professional Heckler

"The problem with political jokes is they get elected.**"

The Laker Hoop Gang

(haters welcome)

One Furious Llama

Do you know reason? Let me show you it.

The Road

Life is about the ride, not the destination


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Shark Attack Watch

Reported shark attacks around the World.


Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown

Brooke's Faces Of Life

Life is a continous adventure, learning and hoping

The Atheist Freedom Wall

The garden is beautiful. No need for fairies.