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Perfect Hypocrisy: Offending The Religious Feelings

7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” – John 8:7 (New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (NRSVCE)) Sir Carlos Celdran is right. The issue is bigger than him now.. This is now … Continue reading

The Painful Truth To Philippines Brain Drain

Wasted years of time and thousands of pesos for education, for what? Crappy work?! Crappy pay?! Nothing that the Philippines can offer better among other countries. That’s why the OFW industry is booming every year. The only reason new graduates stay in this country is for a year or two of experience before heading out. … Continue reading

My 2 Cents: Freedom First For The Muslem Women

Maybe the first way to get more women married is to give them freedom first. Let them choose and not be forced in parents agreements to marry who they don’t want. Then, what foreigner of a European country wants to get involved with a mutilated woman. Muslim countries should first stop that religious non-sense issued … Continue reading

Real Democracy : Don’t Force Your Belief Unto Us

“When we talk about supporting democracy, we mean real democracy.” “To us real democracy means that every citizen has the right to live, work and worship as they choose, whether they are man or woman, Christian or Muslim.” “Real democracy means that no group or faction or leader can impose their will, their ideology, their … Continue reading

Treat woman With Respect And Dignity? Abolish Religion!

While surfing and reading articles at Yahoo.NEWS, I stumbled upon an article that talked about the best country for women to live. And I’m amused on one comment by a user named “LouG” which states: If we want woman to be treated like humans, with respect and dignity, abolish religions world-wide. Religion is the root … Continue reading

Reacting God Particle

After reading the News that the God Particle or Higgs Boson was found and after reading the readers comments most specially the religious ones, I cant help but to feel sad and distress by the fact that rather than celebrating the new-found particle, they lambast it as if they are threatened or something. I just … Continue reading

Why God Allows Pain: The Barbershop Theodicy | Filipino Freethinkers

Whenever believers try to defend their faith in an intervening God using reason (or more precisely, pseudo-reason), the critical thinker cannot help but point out the fallacies. There is this email being circulated that tries to explain the problem of evil and why God allows pain and suffering. To read more, click the link below.. … Continue reading

Humility: Reason vs. Faith | Filipino Freethinkers

I often hear religious people say that freethinkers are proud people, leaning on their own human understanding. The faithful claim to be humble, acknowledging our limited wisdom and thereby surrendering mind and will to the Almighty, the Supreme Being of the universe. At first it seems they have a point, but if we look closely … Continue reading

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