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Filipinos Double Standard

This is my reaction regarding a news that, Filipinos are among the “leastrude people in the world.

Filipinos among ‘least rude’ in the world, says survey

Well, Filipinos are kind, respectful and courteous towards others especially foreigners, but sad to say, thats where it all ends when treating “kapwa Pilipino” (fellow countryman). Just to set an example: One typical morning inside a building, a particular guard would rudely go through his fellow Filipino’s bag. And then after his fellow Filipino, came in a tall and white foreigner. The guard would widely give out his or her best smile and say his sweetest “good morning/good afternoon” and won’t even bother to go through this particular foreigner’s things.

I’m not saying all the guards are like that and it’s not only the guards, you can see them in public transport too like jeepney, bus or taxi. What I don’t understand is that why do they do this? Why can’t they be as kind to their fellow Filipinos as how they are towards this particular foreigner? Admit it guys. I’m happy to know that we’re one of the least rude towards foreigners but it’s a heartbreak to admit that we are rudest towards our fellow Filipinos.

In the end, we pinoys are the worst racists toward our own. so sad!

Indeed, It’s more fun in the Philippines!


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2 thoughts on “Filipinos Double Standard

  1. I agree there’s definiely some national insecurity in the Philippines. As a white guy, sometimes you can do stuff that locals cant. At a resort, white people were allowed to sit on the front wall, while filipinos were moved on by the guards, so we would sit on the wall just for a bit of fun. However there’s a double standard in that often as whitey you are expected to pay double price for some things, in shops, taxis, almost everywhere. I could do on but foreigners are treated so differently in the philippines and lots of us just would like to be treated the same as everyone else.

    Posted by x | July 12, 2014, 6:39 PM
  2. Perhaps its because of the ridiculous hopes of some of us to juice these foreigners out of their money by getting on their good side. As if those tourists have money tattooed on their forehead. Ugh. This may be quite a reach here, but I think it goes back to the poor economy. Or the seemingly, deeply ingrained inferiority complex (colonial mentality?) that was handed down to us from generation past.

    I agree though, it’s loads of bullshit the way people treat their own as rags. And they ask why some foreigners are rude to us? We’re the ones showing them the example , that’s why.

    Posted by happinessisnotadisease | March 20, 2013, 8:08 PM

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