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RH Bill Revisited : My Stance

Note : It’s been two or three years now since the controversial RH Bill was first discussed. But until today, there is no development weather positive or negative regarding this pending bill. So as we have no new topic regarding this issue, I will just re-post my old reaction that was posted last November 11, 2010.

My reaction on this post of Roddison Rainier Cruz “Because some people have realized that rather be insulted and slandered the good name of the Catholic Church by some people like you. Its better to devote their time , talents and treasures in talking to the Lawmakers who will deliberate on the bill. Pls read the post about Science Facts on the RH Bill, so that you will be enlighten!” http://www…

From FreeThunk.Net

Pambwisit sa lahat! Post ko dito ang mahaba kong sermon, para sa mga tulad nyong makasalanan!! (The end is near, REPENT!!) V^_^V

@Roddison: I will enlighten you myself. I don’t attack or insult the church itself or as a whole, but I do attack those people who thinks that they are the intellects and morally sound inside the Church, weather clergy or laity. I don’t have to read your PDF file for we are talking about the reality itself. And by the way not all clergy’s supports Church stand against RH Bill, they are the silent ones as I call them for many of this clerics are my friends(closest), but they cannot standup against the order of the Church because they are a “servant of God for the people“, but in silent they opposes the Church stand as out-dated and narrow-minded.

Now on the issue, the Church stands that by using (lets get an example) condom will kill or stops the development of life, even using one of the commandments of GodThou shall not kill“. How come that letting the sperms dies is killing? Then are you saying that all the women who are menstruating are all killers? We never kill anyone in the first place for there is no life that is produced yet.

I just justify it using your “Natural Method” that there is no difference if they use the artificial method or natural method for both have the objective of controlling the population. The RH Bills’ real objective is to have a couple the right to choose what sort of planning they want for their family WITHOUT THE PREJUDICE of anyone most especially religion itself.

I don’t care if you will use the natural method on how you will plan your familys’ future, but all I’m saying is that let others choose whats good for them on how will they plan their family, their future. That’s why God gave “us” the right to choose or “Free Will“.

And stop the bishops and its clergy issuing statements of “you will burn in hell“, “the chuch will excommunicate you” just to instill fear to its people, because it’s not helping at all. Or seeking sympathy for the support of anti-RH for they are old? that wont work on me. The Church’s role and need to do is with the help of those like you who advocates ANTI-RH, educate the people most especially the poorest of the poor of what to do morally and their responsibility in terms of family planning. Then maybe some day, somehow you contributed in controlling the population.


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