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Making A Saint

If I go sa perception of my “then” Catholic faith, declaration of a saint is not just to view them as a model BUT to “(They can be) asked to intercede or pray for those still on earth” as defined by the church. Pag sinabi ng iba dito na they are as role models LANG then nagkakamali kayo, dahil the church states that one of the saints purpose is to INTERCEDE between god and man. Dito may butas ang Catholic teaching, dahil wala sa any part of the bible ang nag sabi na and isang saint “CAN ‘ACTUALLY’ INTERCEDE” whether anung race pa siya galing or gaano sya ka holy (if we will base only in the bible alone). If there is any, it was only Jesus who intercede between god and man, aside sa mga prophets and moses sa old testament. Other than that none anymore..

If some one out there tells me na it’s not just sa scriptures nag ba-base ang Catholic teaching as what they cite: “reveals God‘s truth through Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium.“, then it is now contradicting sa teaching, because, if it is not written in the “holy” book then san ang basis to declare a saint as an INTERCESSOR? Sacred Tradition? Magisterium?

And in response of making a new saint like Pedro Calungsod which the Filipino Catholics will call “St. Pedro of Cebu”, kung may bagong Filipino saint na ide-declare ang Vatican, ok. Maybe a bit proud dahil sa race ng bagong saint. Other than that, wala na, dahil the truth is, we don’t need saints or any one to define what is morale or not to us. We don’t need them as examples on how we have to live out lives. We can get some examples of good morality sa mga current people of today or even sa past na hindi mo kelangan isipin kung fictional ba ang tao or hindi.(READ: “Atheism and Morality”) As what I said before, morality of man (a knowledge to define and differentiate what is good and bad) has “.. [knowledge of] naturally what is right or wrong thru experiences in life. But still, man also has the ability as the highest form of all the species, to decide to himself when it is a right thing or not.

One last thing, a believer don’t need someone to talk to a god, as what the bible really cite from the old-testament and even the new-testament. You don’t need a “middle-man” to do your bidding, or to gain some request. Dahil lalabas na may favoritism ang god nyo sa mga saints pag yung isa ay pinag bigyan at yung isa ay hindi. Which is illogical. According Christian faiths regarding sa definition ng god, god is “all-knowing” “every where“, “all-powerful” and “all good“. If god needs saints, then that god is not “all-knowing” dahil need pa mag intercede ng isang saint para lang malaman ang need ng isang human or group of humans. Hindi din sya “all-powerful” dahil nga hindi nya alam ang gusto ng mga gusto nya maging submissive sa kanya. And god will be not “every where” kasi ang mga saints ang parang mga call center agents nya na tumatanggap ng mga requests or any bidding. In the end, god will be not “all-good” dahil sa simpleng hindi pinag bigyan ang pag intercede ng isang saint e.a. St. Peter at ang pinag bigyan ay ang mga lumapit kay St. Paul Xavier. May favoritism dun for sure… hmm….

And this coming from a “then” Catholic.


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"Sometimes, it's good to write a lil' story about your life, for it's about sharing the experience you have to the world." - Frederick Bolastig
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