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Saint Emmanuel Pacquiao?!

Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao praying

This was a comment from ghost 12 hours later after it was posted last march 26, 2012 regarding the Yahoo article titled “Philippine Bishop Hails Pacquiao As ‘Modern-Day Saint“.

As a former Roman Catholic and theist, I learned before that being a saint of the Roman Catholic Church requires the person to have had: either a direct connection with God or have acted an extreme sacrifice for the welfare of his or her fellow human beings. St. Joan of Arc is believed to have been commanded by God to rally the French against the English, which inevitably resulted in her being burned at the stake. San Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint, chose to be tortured and executed by the Japanese rather than renounce his faith.

I think this new pronouncement by the bishops of the CBCP is not only inconsistent, but utterly stupid.

If the Christian legend of Joan of Arc is true, that would mean God told her to rally the French in order to kill their English enemies. On the other side, the English – when they captured Joan – convicted her of heresy and witchcraft, tortured her, and burned her alive at the stake. That would mean that God – acting on his so-called “mysterious ways” – was basically warring the French and the English. “Thou shalt not kill“, the Ten Commandments said. But here is God letting these people kill the f*ck out of each other. Yet the Roman Catholic Church consider Joan of Arc as a saint who both had a direct connection with God and have chosen to endure pain and death for her faith.

Don’t you see how ugly it is that God commanded her to do that only to have her die in pain? It’s like having a boss who’s working for both sides. Most importantly, don’t you see how inconsistent the Roman Catholic Church is to redeem a person who killed and got killed, while pronouncing “Thou shall not kill” and “You shall have no other Gods before me” every time?

So, Saint Manny..

Ultimate sacrifice?! Not even close. He’s still alive. And even if he does, I bet he’ll die comfortably without the fire melting his skin or drowning headfirst in Jap sh*t.

Direct connection with God? Yes. At least to his own head and the heads of the CBCP and his fans who believe so.

To the CBCP and his fans, you’re utterly stupid to think that Manny Pacqiao is a modern-day saint. So what are we gonna call him on his day of canonization, Saint Pacman? It sounds to me like a modern version of the video game. He is not a saint. He’s not even a Filipino hero, with his money, girls, and fame. Ninoy is a hero. He f*cking died for this country.

Saints are just people, real or fictional, who are used by the Roman Catholic Church to make them look good. I think these saints were wrong to choose pain and death for a religion, since religion is the ultimate cause of wars and killing since civilization began. You know what these people cried – “GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!” And it’s still happening now, whether Muslims, Jews, or Christians.

Manny Pacquiao, a modern-day saint?! Serious?!

Pacquiao is an athlete who does is for his ego and money. He’s no hero and by f*ck he’s not a saint.

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