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The Separation Of Church And State In The Philippines is Dead : RH Bill


For the second edition of the article The Separation Of Church And State In The Philippines Is Dead, we will tackle how the Church violates the constitution regarding the Separation of Church and State.

If we go back to what I wrote months ago, according Section 7 of our 1987 Constitution, “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.” This defines that the State and the Church or any religious order in the Philippines are two different institutions, and should not meddle or influence each other. It is also supported by the Bible when Jesus said “..Pay to the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor, and pay to God what belongs to God.” as stated in Mark 12:17.

We should always remember that; Religion is personal and is spiritual while the State is collective and temporal or material.

But in practice, the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines still exerts considerable influence on Filipino politics and public opinion. This arrangement is a vestige of the Spanish-era “frialocracy,” where clergymen had varying degrees of temporal power and control over the secular economy. Recent examples of the Church’s continued presence in public life are the 1986 People Power Revolution and the current debate over the Reproductive Health Bill. –

Pass the RH, before it’s too late..

As proper authority in religion, religious leaders such as Bishops and Priests should obey to what the lord said. Yet, for unknown reasons they do the opposite. Not practicing what they preach is a grave crime to the person who is a “Vicar of Christ“. More like a hypocrite than a respectable representative of a god.

Just like the controversial House Bill 1799 or the “Divorce bill“, the Church yet again meddle to the State affairs whenever “RH Bill” is prioritize. In my old posts, I discussed the objective of the bill which is :

This bill if becomes a law will enact as a way that, this will give the couple especially the woman of freedom and guidance on how to control their growing family without the prejudice or discrimination from other groups of society. Thru this bill, they will have access on government funding in distribution of artificial methods of family planning. This bill will not alienate the Natural method of family planning which the Church supports but this will broadens its support, not any more just as principle but now as codified law that the State supports both forms of family planning, the natural and artificial. This bill also re-iterates that this will not support and tolerate abortion but will help those women who undergo abortion procedure thru counseling. With this bill, it will educate the citizens weather in the higher, middle or lower class on how to properly manage a better and healthy family lifestyle in regard to reproductive health. This bill will also help to minimize the ballooning population of the state which is one of its objective. And help to decrease the mortality rate of birthing mothers and her unborn child. and

Yes, as citizen of the republic the religious people like bishops have the right to approve or oppose. But as a religious servant, they don’t have the right at all in regard to state affairs, as an authority in religion they don’t have the right to influence the State decisions. As a religion, as a whole, they don’t have any right in “meddling” in State affairs for some reason, one of this is; they don’t pay taxes as an individual or as an entity. But, as we all know, yes, they cannot influence directly the State, but they can influence those people who are in power, which are the politicians. Thus, influencing the State. The example of this is when Inquirer reported that the “Bishop says Church has the numbers in Congress to defeat RH Bill in a vote.” Is this not a form of meddling or influencing the affairs of the state when this bishop confidently said that “Church has the numbers in Congress“?! Is this bishop or group of bishops imposing their will on elected politicians? They maybe are gods representatives if that’s what they think of themselves, but they are not elected representative for the state. They as religious authorities have the power over spiritual concerns but not temporal which is for the State alone.

More to feed…

If they will use the reason of they are just guiding their laity for spiritual sake (saving their souls for torments in hell), which some of the politician are part of, then, they are just crossing the line. Guide them, save them if you want but never ever influence them or worse threaten them like excommunication or that they will burn in hell if they (the politicians) go against your whim. Let them chose (the elected politicians) what they really think is right and good for it’s people! That’s the rule, “Separation of Church and State“, no one is above the law, even the Church, because if the law of the Church is above the law of the State, then we are not living in a democratic state, we are living in a theocratic state! Maybe that’s the reason why those conservatives, traditionalists and Catholic zombies are proud of telling every one that the Philippines is a “Christian [Catholic] State“. They want The Philippines be identified as a “Catholic Nation“, “the same way warlike theocracies such as Iran and Israel identify themselves as a ‘Muslim Nation‘ and a ‘Jewish Nation‘, respectively” as what Alex Almario who wrote an article titled ” The Catholic Republic of the Philippines vs. The RH Bill“. They, the Church leaders are making a conflict against the State

as demonstrated succinctly by Archbishop Ramon Arguelles’ aggressive reaction to President Aquino’s brief mention of the RH Bill in his SONA: “Aquino declared an open war, a head-on collision against us and against the Catholic Church.” This perceived ‘WAR‘ is not really a war waged by government against religion, nor it is a war waged by pro-choice against pro-life; it is a war waged by modernity against traditionalism. And traditionalism is an idea that the Philippine Catholic Church will fight for to the death, because it is the only idea left that gives them any sort of relevance in this country that is fast realizing the dubiousness of their supposed monopoly on truth.” –

Alex also states that “The church’s fight against the RH Bill is really a fight for their relevance, which has been eroding since the time the Propagandistas called out the friars for holding down their people and depriving them of the light of modernity to the present day when Indios are one of the most active people in social media. It is a desperate fight, which explains all this invocations of ‘war‘ and rallies marked by banners that say ‘No to Safe Sex‘. This is an institution that will never concede defeat; they were too important, too powerful to be suddenly relegated to a non-decision-making role. They used to run this country. They’re responsible for People Power. They’re kingmakers, authors of public policy, the voice of the people, and the voice of God. They see no reason why The Church of The Philippine Republic has to kowtow to the modern world and all its immoralities.

Condom Cross

Sad to say, but, this Church has been influencing “may be” not directly the State, but the people who represent the State, the people who controls the State. And the State and the populace has no counter against it except one… The people unless learn how to vote wisely should elect a politician who is not made into an instrument any religious group. Yes, they have rights of religious liberty which they can use to side with the Church and its dictates. But the elects should ALWAYS remember that they are not voted alone by the members of a specific religious organization, but a diversified people. So as an elect, they should be responsible to every one and obligate to no one.

As what “Aespinosa” who wrote an article titled “Is the Catholic Church acting like a political party?” :

I am not saying that lawmakers disavow their religious beliefs, nor refrain from voicing their conscientious objections. We do not elect public officials on the basis of their baptism. But we do elect politicians on the basis that they vow to protect and defend the citizens and uphold the Constitution. Our Constitution is where everyone, including lawmakers, must devote all efforts and minds. If there is an apparent conflict between conscience and national interest, then they should resign.

Obviously the Bishops do have the luxury and commitment that lawmakers don’t. They can easily refuse to cooperate and insist at the same time their teachings are correct. The nature of religious doctrines dictates they should defend them at all cost, even if it means going to war. The Church sees its enemy as ‘heretics’ and considers all human laws subservient to God’s. To this end, the Catholic Church started a campaign much more insidious than a political party.” –

Here the reality strike, due to Filipinos’ ignorance and irresponsible voting, they just elected if not all, some, who is “for the whim of the Church” than for the “will of the People“. Example of this is Lucy Torres – Gomez, a model, actress, TV host turn politician (like MANY other actors turned politicians here in the Philippines like the now controversial Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, an actor, musician, television personality), Leyte’s 4th District Representative to Congress and a Catholic. She will vote against RH Bill for one sole reason, due to her OWN faith, as what she said; “As a person, we have religious convictions. We can’t take away our faith and say, I’ll be really clinical about this and I’ll decide based on facts. It cannot be. Religion especially here is an integral part of our society. It is an integral part of you as a person and I cannot [talaga], in conscience, decide for or vote for the RH Bill.In short, Leyte’s 4th District Representative Lucy Torres – Gomez will vote due to her own conviction and not for the people whom she represents. Not representing the DIVERSIFIED PEOPLE but the Catholic Faith alone.

And so it does, if the Church prevails against the State, then I’m really convinced that “The Separation Of Church And State In The Philippines is Dead“, the religious are hypocrites and The Philippines is not living in a democratic state but  in a theocratic in disguise as democracy, no real democracy at all.

“Real democracy means that no group or faction or leader can impose their will, their ideology, their religion, their desires on anyone else.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Separation of Church and State in The Philippines is DEAD



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6 thoughts on “The Separation Of Church And State In The Philippines is Dead : RH Bill

  1. Nice.. 😀

    Posted by Yam | February 28, 2017, 10:17 PM
  2. enough of the damaso’s like watching a boring telenovela full of crap over and over again(pointless). i respect them but can they shut the F up and pay taxes?by then i will hear them out in my own humble way…pffft.

    Posted by Jam | May 16, 2014, 1:12 AM
  3. I believe it’s Article 2- Section 6, not section 7 of the 1987 consti. There is really no separation of church and state in the Philippines. Politicians even use religion to win their much coveted positions… what a shame

    Posted by AngeLee | November 19, 2012, 11:43 PM
  4. Also from this site:

    Some people in this country whom I call “statists” or “collectivists” presume that a collective, such as the Catholic Church or the CBCP, is, in fact, a living, breathing, thinking, and acting entity. A collective has no right, because rights only pertain to living and thinking entities or to human beings. Only an individual has rights. Only the individual can have the capacity to think, act, and pursue certain goal-direction actions. That is, he is the only source of all human action.

    So in this case, those who form part of an “institution”, which can be the Church or the CBCP, have the very right to make political speeches, defend their religious doctrines or faith, or even influence the government through their actions and activities. Influencing the government per se is NOT illegal, if the act of influence does not involve the use of force, fraud, or any immoral or unlawful means, such as giving bribes or favors.

    Now, the implication here is: If you strip the members of any religious institution of their right to make political comments or to try to influence politicians, then do not expect that you are also entitled to exercise the same right denied of these people.

    Some people accuse the priests of “meddling in” politics. But the problem is, what these people do not understand is that they’re also meddling in politics and trying their very best to influence the government. Again, the mere act of meddling is not illegal. It becomes illegal when such an act involves the use of force, undue influence, or any illegal means.

    The separation of church and state simply means the government must not favor any religion or make no law respecting an establishment of religion. This constitutional doctrine is a LIMITATION strictly applied to the state, not to private individuals or groups. It limits the state from making special favors or making a law respecting an establishment of religion. It does not LIMIT the freedom of religion or the rights of any individual. Why is this the case? Because the state or the government holds a monopoly on force. The Catholic Church or any religious institution does not wield the same “force”. Today, the Catholic Church no longer has the political power it enjoyed over 100 years ago.

    Posted by Mike Roces | September 12, 2012, 7:54 PM
  5. From this site:

    Those who can’t defend FACTS can’t defend logic and reason. And those who can’t defend logic and reason can’t defend freedom.

    Let’s talk about facts.

    A lot of pro-RH bill freaks accuse the Catholic church of being in breach of the separation of church and state.

    I say: That’s a LIE. You’re getting that answer from an atheist.

    OK. Let’s admit that there are compromises in the Constitution, but that’s no longer the issue here.

    What we see and hear today is that a lot of clueless intellectuals claim that the anti-RH bill Catholics and religionists are trying to violate the separation clause in the Constitution.

    These clueless people should first get their facts correct. It’s not the Church or its people that are in breach of the separation principle BUT THE GOVERNMENT.

    First, the separation principle is a limitation on government authority to prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion. Here, only the government, through its consent and active intervention, could destroy or violate the separation clause.

    Second, the Church is merely protecting its doctrines, faith and property rights, as well as the freedom of conscience of its employees (e.g., teachers, doctors, in Catholic-owned schools and hospitals) and members.

    Posted by Mike Roces | September 12, 2012, 7:45 PM
    • if the church protects their doctrines etc….just keep it to themselves and their members.not everyone is interested anyway.if they have proof in what they are trying to say then prove it, otherwise they are merely regarded to as clowns.

      Posted by Jam | May 16, 2014, 12:57 AM

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