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The Dying Cause

The Philippine delegation for the London Olympics.

The Olympics, where the best athletes around the globe compete for honor, dignity and gold in the name of their country has ended few weeks ago. And the Philippines with its 11 member delegation bagged none, again. Now, they’re gone home, possibly sobering the moment of being an Olympian. But deep inside is a dreaded reality of being an inferior to other nations who catch a gold or any medal. Leaking wounds of defeat, I would say.

The Philippines last taste of medal was from 1996 when Onyok Velasco bagged a silver medal in boxing, and that was it. Now, 4 Olympic years has past and we can’t duplicate the success again. The officials are back in the drawing board again, the politicians will call for investigations, reforms and so-called drastic revamps, others will give an “intention” of support (possibly monetary) and the rest will just argue all day or ignore once again.

This is a little story taken from a commenter named “MaRta“. And I think, this is the sad reality of our dying Olympic Gold-Medal Dream, on how the government who should be in the first place supports the current and soon-to-be Olympians, are just turning blind eye to the truth that is already in front of them.

Stop the mantra of “proud to be Pinoy!” for those Olympians who lose just to ease their pain of defeat because it doesn’t really help at all. In the end, they still lose. And stop back-riding to other athletes of the other nations (like the US) who have Filipino heritage (like Kyla Ross, a member of U.S. Artistic Gymnastic team who struck gold and Natalie Coughlin, who won a bronze in the 4 x 100-meter freestyle relay) just like this one from Not So Empty Olympic Feeling, “The fact is, she’s still Filipino and we’re proud of her,” said Amie Belmonte, a leader in the Filipino-American community is Las Vegas, which numbers around 30,000, the largest Asian group in the city. Open your eyes, they are not representing the Philippines but the US. And that’s the disappointing reality of it.

Okay, I’ll stop my ranting for it just made me more frustrated and unproud of being a Filipino. Read the story and open your eyes and understanding to the truth of our dying cause…

The real situation of Philippines future athletes.. No shoes to use…

When I was young, I loved sports. I once knew an athlete that made it to the Palarong Pambansa. She was a sprinter. I wanted to be like her. She trained herself everyday. She ran all over the neighborhood, the streets and highways. She so loved the sport. But they were also poor. All that training and no proper nutrition? She got sick. Fever, etc. No medicine to take nor can’t afford it. Then, she died. Nobody from any sports commission ever visited her. I told myself.. I don’t want to be like her anymore and I don’t want to die young.. I had dreams. My Dad told me “just concentrate on your studies and get out of this country“.

I took Dad’s advice instead…


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2 thoughts on “The Dying Cause

  1. Wow this is a very nice article. Do you have other stories about sport/athletics. Perhaps we can do a blogroll swap. Or a guest write swap.

    Posted by pinoyathletics | September 7, 2012, 4:35 PM


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