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Celebrating Life Of Neil Armstrong : Once In A Blue Moon

Neil Alden Armstrong, an American astronaut and the first man to set foot on the Moon. He was also an aerospace engineer, U.S. Navy pilot, test pilot, and university professor. Before becoming an astronaut, Armstrong was a United States Navy officer and served in the Korean War. After the war, he served as a test … Continue reading

Words From The Fallen Champ

Who knows Mike Tyson? He is a retired heavyweight boxer and a former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles, he was 20 years, 4 months and 22 days old then. He is a 5 foot 10 with a … Continue reading

The Painful Truth To Philippines Brain Drain

Wasted years of time and thousands of pesos for education, for what? Crappy work?! Crappy pay?! Nothing that the Philippines can offer better among other countries. That’s why the OFW industry is booming every year. The only reason new graduates stay in this country is for a year or two of experience before heading out. … Continue reading

A Message From Mr. Bean Himself

We all know Rowan Atkinson. the rubber faced man best known as the character Mr. Bean. We adore, laugh and loved the character. Listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest actors in British comedy, and amongst the top 50 comedians ever in a 2005 poll of fellow comedians. Also had cinematic success … Continue reading

Jesse Robredo : May 27, 1958 – August 18, 2012

”I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry… I have a flight to catch”. These were the last words of Secretary Jesse Robredo to reporters who tried to interview him at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) just hours before the plane he boarded the private plane for Naga City. – Jesse Manalastas Robredo (May 27, 1958 … Continue reading

The Dying Cause

The Olympics, where the best athletes around the globe compete for honor, dignity and gold in the name of their country has ended few weeks ago. And the Philippines with its 11 member delegation bagged none, again. Now, they’re gone home, possibly sobering the moment of being an Olympian. But deep inside is a dreaded … Continue reading

How To Fix Any Computer : Windows, Linux And Apple

For those computer users or to those who are thinking what’s the best Operating System you can install to your computer, it is best to know about everything about your preferred Operating System weather it’s Windows, Apple or Linux. So you won’t be some dumb ass when your OS breaks down and need to be … Continue reading

Salvador “Sonny” Escudero III : December 18, 1942 – August 13, 2012

  Sorsogon Representative Salvador “Sonny” Escudero III passed away early Monday morning after battling cancer for two years. The 69-year-old legislator, who is also the father of Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, died in his sleep in his Quezon City home before dawn on Monday, House Secretary-General Marilyn Barua-Yap confirmed via text message. A man who’s … Continue reading

My 2 Cents: Freedom First For The Muslem Women

Maybe the first way to get more women married is to give them freedom first. Let them choose and not be forced in parents agreements to marry who they don’t want. Then, what foreigner of a European country wants to get involved with a mutilated woman. Muslim countries should first stop that religious non-sense issued … Continue reading

Fundamentalists And Extremists Are Made Up Of This Kind

  This is a response by Claire Angeline Pauig Luczon from an article made by former Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad titled “A non-Arab Spring?” regarding the call of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to “terminate the debates on the anti-Catholic reproductive health bill” or as we call it RH Bill in his last SONA (State … Continue reading

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