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The Day His Faith Becomes His Downfall

See the difference between the two? Who now is more hungrier and more intimidating? Manny or Timothy?

A sad atmosphere here in Manila, No body doesn’t want to talk about it, and if some one opens regarding the fight it;s like someone died yesterday. After the dust settles in the Pacquiao versus Bradley fight yesterday, All of us need to face the fact regarding Manny Pacquiaos performance.

Maybe Manny does still have the power, speed and foot work but he doesn’t have the eagerness, the hunger and the rage anymore.. And there are many factors why he loses, his very hectic schedules, the distraction, his aging condition, the incompetent scores of the two judges and possibly is his renewed religious belief. All of it takes its toll into his body, his mind and his view about the sport.

That will make me become a warrior in the next few months because in the rematch my feeling is I don’t want to go the whole 12 rounds.” – Manny Pacquiao, to The Associated Press

There are un debatable factors that contribute to Pacquiao’s possible unimpressive performance in the last 3 – 4 rounds of his title fight against Timothy.

The aging has taken a toll on him. At 33, we no longer see a vibrant, energetic, youthful, confident fighter after 6 rounds of hard exchanges of fists. On the other hand, you see Timothy coming stronger and more aggressive even though in the last rounds we saw him (Bradley) puddling.

But here is what I think is one of the factors why he’d lost. His fight is now tainted with too much faith. As I watched him I realized that the Manny Pacquiao I just saw in the ring is beginning to lose his shine and could have easily decimate Bradley if this was the old Manny Pacquiao four years ago, talking faith not too much unlike now.

It is still fresh in my mind when he once said that he is considering retiring his gloves because boxing is a brutal sport as “stated” in his holy book. We cannot blame him due to his faith, it’s just that I can’t understand him anymore. Manny Pacquioa, a man who is known for praying at his corner before and after the fight didn’t know how brutal boxing is? I don’t know, but I think, it is just a lame excuse for him.  The truth is, he became soft. He doesn’t have his intimidating aura, his anger, the fire and blood lust to win his fights, to hold on into his belt all due to his new religious belief.

If everybody cannot accept that their hero is now falling the way they think that the man called “PacMan”, “The Mexican Assassin” is not invincible after all, I don’t care anymore. Face it everyone, he maybe still a warrior but not the “Warrior”, a burning warrior at heart anymore. If you people want to see the old Manny Pacquiao, take him out of his faith because when you are on the ring it is not advisable to mixed your mind with religion of so many kind, it is too complicated. Your opponent is out there to kill you like a soldier in war fighting for his country in a slightest chance will surely shoot you in the head without remorse or conviction.

Remember, boxing is a brutal game and religion has no place in brutal games.. His weakness that takes toll, his renewed faith to some imaginary sky daddy…

Look at this picture, who has the fire and who is exhausted?
The picture will tell you the part where PacMan is not the man we used to know anymore…


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"Sometimes, it's good to write a lil' story about your life, for it's about sharing the experience you have to the world." - Frederick Bolastig
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