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Chuck Norris Versus Death (The Reason Why Whitney Houston Died)

So this is the reason why Whitney Houston died… Lolz! Related articles Chuck-jokes never get old ( Chuck Norris is not dead, despite scammy Facebook posts to the contrary ( Good Chuck Norris jokes 😀 ( Chuck Norris Jokes – Love them! ( The river that runs under the Chuck Norris Bridge is made from … Continue reading

Today Is No Panty Day!

Today June 22, Friday, we celebrate No Panty Day! If you will ask me what is this event, then all I can say is that, (probably) this is the day for women not to wear panties or any undergarment in that part of the body or maybe another women celebration for freedom not to use … Continue reading

Sorry, But I Have To Say This…

Sorry, but I have to say this.. Islam is a cult. Even Christianity is a cult. The Koran and the Bible are books written by primitive men who are known today as science fiction writers. Religions as a whole have caused many wars, killings and sufferings throughout history. They said they represent peace, yet they … Continue reading

If You’re A Linux Lover This Is For You! ^_^

If you’re a Linux lover then this is for you! And for those who doesn’t know Linux, Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. The defining component of Linux is the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released October 5, 1991 … Continue reading

Ang Basura Ay Mananatiling Basura Pa Din

Para sa walang kwenta, walang silbi at mga losers, para sa inyo ito!! Tandaan, ‘wag ng pulutin ang basurang itinapon na, dahil ang basura kahit anung gawin para mag mukhang maayos ulit ay mananatiling basura pa din.

The Day His Faith Becomes His Downfall

A sad atmosphere here in Manila, No body doesn’t want to talk about it, and if some one opens regarding the fight it;s like someone died yesterday. After the dust settles in the Pacquiao versus Bradley fight yesterday, All of us need to face the fact regarding Manny Pacquiaos performance. Maybe Manny does still have … Continue reading

REPOST : A Poem for Mary (Magdalene)

As he passed through Magdala His followers trailing in the dust She spotted him and  said to herself, “that Rabbi carpenter is a hot one.” Off she went  to have her ‘demons’ cleansed. He sure knew how to do that, among other things, and he made her laugh, and made her cry out, “Oh, Jesus!” … Continue reading

Saved Because They “Pray Hard Enough”?!

Do you know how sick is Pat Robertson? March 5, 2012, After visiting and watching a clip regarding on how he reacts about the tornado that hit a Kentucky in US and telling that tornadoes could had been stopped if people had prayed. Pat Robertson said that if people prayed hard enough, there will be … Continue reading

Anarchy In The PH! The Symphony Of Destruction Is Coming!

Good Morning, Black Friday! From Elysian Fields, the Reckoning Day of the Prince Of Darkness is just around the corner! Truth Be Told, one of the four gods of Trash metal, my metal gods (Whoa! I’m now doubting my atheistic point-of-view regarding the non-existence of a god now that I still believe in my Metal … Continue reading

Sacrifice and Self Happiness

This is according to Joe D’ Mango regarding sacrificing what they have in exchange for what they are made to believe will bring them true happiness and finding joy at the expense of other people’s sorrow which is self happiness. Related articles Love, Sacrifice, and Selfishness ( Finding Your Sacrifice ( On choice and sacrifice … Continue reading

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"Sometimes, it's good to write a lil' story about your life, for it's about sharing the experience you have to the world." - Frederick Bolastig
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"The problem with political jokes is they get elected.**"

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Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown

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