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Who’s The Real Racist Here?

Former Mayor Marion Barry, Current City Counci...

Former Mayor Marion Barry, Current City Councilman for Ward 8 at the dedication of the AIDS Memorial at the Dupont Metro, Q St. entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reading an article about the alleged racial slur of former Washington DC mayor and current councilman Marion Barry, where he said “In fact, it’s so bad, that if you go to the hospital now, you find a number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the Philippines,” said Barry. “And no offense, but let’s grow our own teachers, let’s grow our own nurses – and so that we don’t have to be scrounging around in our community clinics and other kinds of places – having to hire people from somewhere else.”, at first we might get a hint of racial discrimination. But if you understand what he really mean, this is what he really said, “We should produce and hire our own teachers and nurses(Americans), so that we don’t depend on others (not Americans) too much.

But on the other side of the issue, I read comments from Filipino netizens and sad to say they are as discriminating as they are (if the councilman’s comment is in deed discriminating) or worst. Let us face the truth here, we are really if not the worst, one of the most discriminative people in the world. I’ll cite you an example, in one comment by a name Edwin Alba Empestan, he said “You know Marion you are “stupid black racist” and “utter any words from your lousy, dirty, thick lips mouth“, and another one named Alex FranciscoWhat can you expect from a convicted drug felon, who was caught smoking crack and jailed in the 90’s. Stupid ignoramus!” and Cres Macabenta Valero..what a stupid nigger..“, Filipinos are not just racists but they also attack the personality it self even if it’s out of topic at all.

Filipinos are known hypocrites and are damn proud about it. Due to our insensitivity on other race and color, as our defense mechanism we became racist to other nations too. But sad to say, we became not just racist to other non Filipinos but also to those Filipinos who are no longer Filipinos anymore. Many of this foreigners and Fil-Foreigners encountered racial discrimination in this land especially when they are looking for jobs here. Many of this Fil-racists shouts “Go back to your country we don’t need you here!” and to Fil-foreigners “You’re no Filipino! You don’t belong here!“.


Racism (Photo credit: maHidoodi)

But that’s not the worst part yet, the Filipino people discriminates fellow Filipinos because of ethnicity, dialect and upbringing. For those Filipinos who speaks Tagalog, they always call a Filipino who is not a Tagalog as “Bisaya” even though they live in the same island of Luzon. Manileños (people who lives and resides in Manila) calls everyone who came from province or rural areas as “Promdi“, all as a sign of superiority to other non Manileños and non city dwellers.

So who is the real racist, councilman Barry or us?


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One thought on “Who’s The Real Racist Here?

  1. Have you thought about adding some relevant links to the article? I think it might enhance everyones understanding.

    Posted by click | June 6, 2012, 4:37 PM

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