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Perfect Hypocrisy : “God is Good”, Donation and Gambling

god in a dice

God in a dice.

Natatawa na lang ako sa mga comments na nababasa ko sa web na may “God is Good!” pag may news like ang nabasa ko na mga comments regarding a dead man who wins’ lotto. lumalabas lang how hypocrites those people are! Mga taong galit sa sugal dahil masama daw at madumi. Gumagamit pa ng bible verses to justify kung bakit galit sila sa gambling pero pag may nanalo na they praise god?! Those people are no different sa mga pari na galit at ayaw din sa sugal pero ready tumanggap ng donation galing sa sugal!

Those pathetic hypocrites!!

Naalala ko tuloy ang isa kong ka-office mate na naka debate ko regarding sa raffle promo daw ng kanilang church for a reason na ang monetary na maipon is gagamitin “daw” to help ang pastor nila who is in medication and sa pag papaayos ng kanilang simbahan. He said na masama daw ang sugal. BUT, kung raffle daw hindi na masama. How ignorant or just plain dumb he is? Nag bubulag bulagan pa na hindi sugal ang raffle! The mere fact na nagbayad ka sa ticket for a chance to win a price, monetary or not is gambling! Mali at baluktot na justification. BANG!

This just shows how hypocrite they are

This just shows how hypocrite they are.



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"Sometimes, it's good to write a lil' story about your life, for it's about sharing the experience you have to the world." - Frederick Bolastig
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