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The Separation Of Church And State In The Philippines is Dead

According to our present constitution, the 1987 Constitution, the Church and the State should be separated as stated in section 7

“The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.”- Sec.7, 1987 Constitution

Even the Bible define that there should be a separation between the church and state as what Jesus said in Mark 12:17

17 So Jesus said, Well, then, pay to the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor, and pay to God what belongs to God. And they were amazed at Jesus. – Mark 12 : 17, Good News Translation

So in theory, the Church and the State should not meddle in each others affair. And it is absolute. But in reality, the separation of church and state in the Philippines does not match the theory of Separation between church and state. In a country whose majority of the people professes Catholics faith, because if that so, then answer my question below.

If your congressman, council man, mayor and anyone else whom you vote to represent you can’t do a job done because they have to check if the Church or any religious organizations will support or go against them, even though what they should do is for the betterment of his countrymen even if it go against their religious doctrines or beliefs, is there really a separation between church and state?

Just finished reading a news regarding the possibility of not passing the House Bill 1799 or “An Act Introducing Divorce in the Philippines by this 15th Congress, because, “parang nagdedeklara kami ng giyera sa Catholic Church” (It’s like we are declaring war against the Catholic Church) as what House Majority Leader and Mandaluyong City Rep. Neptali “Boyet” Gonzales II said.

With that kind of response from a Congressman from Mandaluyong City, it’s like they’re saying that they cannot go against the Church, and thus gave us all a hint that the Catholic Church had a strong grip to the legislative body and possibly to other branches of the government. Is it because of their religious affiliation or because of the votes that can be generated by the Church?

With that strong hold of the Church had with these institutional bodies like the Lower House or Congress, are we still a democratic state or we are now living in theocracy in disguise as democracy?

I will ask every one of you once again, is there still a Separation of Church and State here in the Philippines?



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