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Earth Hour : One Hour Of Darkness For A Brighter Future

I’ve been supporting the Earth Hour movement since it was introduced to me by a friend in 2009. I even attended the events held in SM Megamall last 2011 and 2010, where the shopping center dim its lights in support for the cause. You may ask, What Is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is a global … Continue reading

Perfect Hypocricy : Blessed are the Corrupt

This was taken from Yahoo, commented by a named Zaldy, from an article “PH is 4th worst country in the world for business” My translation for our foreign readers. Why are we(Filipino) corrupt? Because the majority are Catholics and idol worshipers! If Juan sinned, all he need to do is go to Father Damaso and … Continue reading

The Ultimate Top 30 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes

1. When Chuck Norris throws exceptions, it’s across the room. 2. All arrays Chuck Norris declares are of infinite size, because Chuck Norris knows no bounds. 3. Chuck Norris doesn’t have disk latency because the hard drive knows to hurry the hell up. 4. Chuck Norris writes code that optimizes itself. 5. Chuck Norris can’t … Continue reading

A Tribute For Karl Roy (March 13, 2012)

UPDATE: For those who want to pay their respect and sympathy for the passing of Karl Roy, he was cremated and now lies in a small chapel at the Mount Carmel Shrine in New Manila as posted by his brother Kevin in his own facebook account. – Karl Roy’s sister, Kathryn, announced her brother’s death … Continue reading

Perfect Hypocrisy : Fukushima Disaster, An Act Of God?!

It’s been a year now since the Fukushima disaster happened. A day Japan will always remember as having the magnitude 9.0 quake, Japan’s most powerful since records began, which also triggered a serious nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. “We shall never forget those who gave their lives in rescue missions”, said by … Continue reading

Another People Power?! PLEASE!!

I’ve been a witness to the two people powers and one mob power, and after that latter “people power” it was tarnished by the people who represents itself. In short, another people power today to bring down a Supreme Court Chief Justice is not a very good idea to think with. I’m not against people … Continue reading

Do Not Ask Of Me My Love

Do not ask of me, my love, that love I once had for you. There was a time when life was bright and young and blooming, and your sorrow was much more than any other pain. Your beauty gave the spring everlasting youth: your eyes, yes your eyes were everything, all else was vain. While … Continue reading

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"Sometimes, it's good to write a lil' story about your life, for it's about sharing the experience you have to the world." - Frederick Bolastig
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The Professional Heckler

"The problem with political jokes is they get elected.**"

The Laker Hoop Gang

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One Furious Llama

Do you know reason? Let me show you it.

The Road

Life is about the ride, not the destination


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Shark Attack Watch

Reported shark attacks around the World.


Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown

Brooke's Faces Of Life

Life is a continous adventure, learning and hoping

The Atheist Freedom Wall

The garden is beautiful. No need for fairies.