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The Sad Filipino Reality – Expanded Version

Is he still really the right person for the job today?

Note: This was posted last July 1, 2011 in The Atheist Freedom Wall blog page. This is the expanded draft version of the article without the proof reading. To read the edited version please click the link:

June 30, 2011, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, just finished giving his Anniversary speech, a preview of what he will possibly be discussing in his up and coming State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25, 2011, tomorrow, before the congress. As stated in Article VII, Section 23 of the 1987 Philippines Constitution: “The President shall address the Congress at the opening of its regular session. He may also appear before it at any other time.

In the State of the Nation Address of the President last year, he pointed out the problems his administration has inherited from the Arroyo government and how he plans to put solutions to these problems, saying that Filipinos can now dream again.

One year had already passed since we last voted for the next people to run our government and our country. All of us, while voting are some what optimistic that the next one would be a good one and will make this country great once again.

And when the country decided who will gonna be the next President of our dear land, even though many of us did not vote for the current President, we still support his plans and his campaign, and we hold his promise that he will bring us to the Straight Path (“Daang Matuwid“).

But after hearing his Anniversary address today, given in PhilSports Arena formerly ULTRA, in front of the High School and some College students. His theme is the same as his first SONA given last 2010. His focus is about blaming the past Arroyo administration of the problems the Philippines still facing today. In short, he still don’t have a concrete solution how to ease the burden of his people he calls his boss.

Now, as we see what he had done for a year already. The hard truth gave us a hard slap in the face while sarcastically laughing at us. It reflects the sad reality regarding on how we Filipinos vote here in a democratic country, The Philippines. We really tend not to use our right to vote intelligently, not taking our sacred right seriously. Until now, many of us have the tendency of voting the most popular due to being an entertaining artist, sport man, old politicians, from a known political family, affiliations and so fort.

We Filipinos had the chance to vote for the best people for the right job, but we blew it yet again. It’s sad to know that we Filipinos are not yet that mature in terms of giving his/her vote to a person or group of persons to lead our country to higher plain’s, and we Filipinos choose our leaders to the path of our own demise for another 3 to 6 years.. tsk!

All of us must learn to know our candidates. Their pasts, who they really are when the cameras are not around. Or what have they done for the good of our people, not just building this road and that road, or changing street names. We should not just vote for that person just to help that candidate of his vengeance for his force displacement from his office due to his own corrupt doings, or voting someone just because of your hate in the present administration.

In short, we should learn to vote for the right person who has the best plan to run the government and best interest for our country.


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5 thoughts on “The Sad Filipino Reality – Expanded Version

  1. after one year as the president of our country, what did we the tax payers get from him?


    Posted by Elliese T. | July 26, 2011, 4:13 AM
  2. nice piece!!! bravo.. it’s the sad truth here in our country!

    Posted by brookesfaces | July 24, 2011, 12:55 PM
  3. Panot really sucks!!

    Posted by Artee | July 24, 2011, 10:12 AM

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