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God Busted!: An Anatomy of God [RAW]

WARNING: Before you read this post, if you are a Christian or a believer of any deity, before you react violently or criticize, please read the post with an open-mind and broad understanding. And then try to analyze the writing.

Ever since man learn to use his mind to create new things, make fire, differentiate species and appreciate the environment, man also learned to ask questions. And there is one of those questions that until now, is still searching for an answer. 

For over a thousand of years, it is still debatable about the existence of super natural being. What it looks like, where it came from and so fort… as long if he really does exist.

Man created God for one sole purpose, to answer some unanswered questions of man and life, such as; where we came from or how the universe was created.  Man created so many gods to answer all of his needs. From the gods of ancient Rome, the Aztec and Mayan gods, the war freak gods of Norse, the mysterious gods of ancient Egypt and many more. And one of those gods was the god of the Jews, who as times passes by also became the Christian god. Sad to say and I know all of the Muslims might get mad at me if they’ll read this article, but they had to admit that, this god I’m talking about is the same god whom the Israelites and Christians worshiped and they too is worshiping. They just see this god in a different perspective, that is why they don’t distinguished him to the gods of the known 2 of 3 major religions of the world.

The Greek GodsThere is a theory circulating for sometime now on why the old mythical gods were considered as mythical and non-existent. They said that, those gods we’re false, because, they’re not perfect, that their perspectives is more like mortal beings, too shallow, sometimes comedic and that they can be fooled easily by their own creations. But unlike those gods, this god that we are about to discuss is so PERFECT, that, he alone in all of the gods that still exist today, has the greatest attributes for a god. That this god is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omni benevolent and Eternal. With his godly attributes, we will evaluate him and dissect every attributes that describes his godliness. In here, we will put his name into a test.

Since I was just a kid, my religion teachers always point out that god has all these attributes, that he alone is the true and existing god. But as I grew up and opened my eyes to the truths of the world we’re living in, I started to question this god, to the point of questioning his so called existence.

Here, we will focus on the god of what the Catholics worshiped. Because, I once was a catholic, a learned catholic faith defender. Using the bible as a test platform, some common logical reasoning and justification, we will evaluate all the attributes of this god. And we will conclude in the end if this god does really exist. And our first stop would be omniscience.

It was taught that god is Omniscient or in lay mans term “all knowing“. It is said that god knows all things that he alone knows what the future might bring beyond this Earth of ours. And with this knowledge plus his power which we will discuss later, he created the whole universe. But is he really is omniscient? Let us evaluate this claim. According to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament that God created the world in six days (7th day as his day off.. ^_^), and in this world he made a paradise called Eden. And in this paradise, God put all the living things plus a man named Adam and a woman named Eve, and it was all good, as he once said it. But also in Eden, in the center of it, there is a special tree, the Tree of Knowledge. And due to mans weakness to temptation, they eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, and there, they gained the knowledge of what is right and wrong (the knowledge of morality), but in exchange of their mortality. Now with that story, we will derive some simple questions regarding his so called omniscience, like; If god is all knowing as what his authorities claiming to, how come he did not see it coming, that man will eat the fruit of the forbidden tree? And, why the hell god put that damn tree in the first place anyway?! I think my friend, with that example and that question we post upon, we now know if this god is really an all knowing god. [No need for me to explain further.]

His second attribute that we will put to a test, is his, Omnipotence, or “all powerful“. By utilizing the example above, about the story of creation of the world, we will derive an answer if god really is an all powerful god. Maybe he really is an all powerful god, because he can create a world. But is he really that powerful? If he really is that powerful, using his power (super mutant power…LOLZ!), he can obliterate the world into dusts and create a new “perfect” one in an instant only using his “Word“, when Adam and Eve failed gods’ expectation of obedience. But, he didn’t, rather than destroying his less than a month planet Earth, he only did was, exiled his favorite species to harshest of the environment outside the paradise, with its future siblings to suffer, I repeat, TO SUFFER until the so called “Judgment Day” commences. So, is this god really that powerful? And, is he really that logical or reasonable? You answer.

Third will be his Omnipresent. It is said that God is “all present” or “present everywhere“, watching like a Big Brother in the television show with the same title. But, is he really everywhere or always present? In your closet? Under your bed? With you in the toilet, watching while you pee or poop?! EWWW!!! But let us get serious, let’s get back to the previous example taken from the Book of Genesis, when Adam and Eve we’re at the front of the forbidden tree, tempted by the devil materialized as a snake, where was god that time? Sleeping? Watching pirated DVD? Why didn’t this god stop the devil, while this creature is in the process of tempting his beloved species? If he really is everywhere or all present, why did this god just let that happened? Then after “our first parents” disobeyed him, this god castigated Adam and Eve then exile both of them? Is he really there that time and know what was just happened? I doubt so…

Now we go to his fourth attribute, that he is Omni Benevolent. This attribute is so good that god became good or has an infinite benevolence. Or does he? Hmmm… If you’ll read the Bible especially the whole Old Testament, you will find a different perception about this god, and most probably question his omni benevolence. Because, there are so many examples on how this so called good god is not that good in any how. Try to read the story of Job. God let the devil test Job to the point of killing Jobs’ siblings, remember, siblings, innocent siblings, killed just to test Jobs’ unwavering love to god. How about the deaths of children age 2 and below in the time of Jesus birth. Is this god really good? Those people and children are innocent, but this god just watched the atrocities! Even in our example in Genesis, god is not that good, because, first, he left the forbidden tree bare, unprotected and accessible to anyone in paradise to consume its fruit, and secondly, if god is really is good as what he want to portray, he won’t let Adam and Eve be tempted in the first place, and god won’t let his paradise be infested by Satan. May be god is good, but not that good. Right?

Second argument is; If you’ll read the Bible especially the whole Old Testament, you will find a different perception about this god, and most probably question his omni benevolence. Because, there are so many examples on how this so called good god is not that good in any way. In Genesis, god can be seen as a non-benevolent god for three reasons: He left the forbidden tree bare, unprotected and accessible to anyone in paradise to consume its fruit; If god is really good, he won’t let Adam and Eve be tempted in the first place, and god won’t let his paradise be infested by Satan. A good god will always understand his creatures weaknesses and give the first couple a chance to live again in paradise. More importantly, this god will find a better solution to make his paradise a perfect place to live for all his creations without evil lurking around.

And the last one, that he is Eternal. May be yes he is, because, for so many gods that had been declared as mythical, he is still here, surviving the onslaughts of his detractors such as Atheism, Satanism, Communism and Science. But is he really an eternal god? Let’s go back to the Bible, to find a basis that this god is eternal. According to the Bible, god has been with us since the world began. But is this god the same god that Jesus once proclaimed as his father? If we site the Old Testament, we will see that this god is a jealous god, moody, wicked and self centered. But when Jesus arrived and started to preached the so called “Good News“, this god became humble, a loving father and a merciful god. So, who is who? If you ask me, I say, I’m seeing two different gods. One who is wicked and the other one who is beloved. If god is eternal then, where is the other god (god of Old Testament)? Exiled by the new god Jesus proclaimed? Someone might argue that the god of the New Testament is the same as the god of the Old Testament and not two different gods. Then, what happened to that god? All of the sudden he changed from his blood lusting behavior to a god of mercy, equality and justice? So this god had an identity crisis, maybe? Intriguing… With this my friend, I let you decide on your own if this god is really eternal or not.

Now, for our conclusion. After evaluation using his own Bible, I now conclude that, this god is really not that all benevolent, omnipotent, omnipresent, all knowing and eternal. Because, god contradicts himself if we will use his Bible as a basis to test him. If god does really exist, then, he is less than powerful and not an all mighty god. I also conclude that he is not a perfect god after all, as what my religion teachers once taught me.

And now, as we see this god as an imperfect god, it is probable that this same god like all the other imperfect gods who are declared as myths(because they don’t really exist due to their imperfections), be also a myth, created by man to answer his unending questions and needs. And if this god that we are talking about is just a myth, then he does not exist at all. In here, I hereby rest my case, and let others who will read this, to think upon themselves about the mere existence of their questioned god.


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4 thoughts on “God Busted!: An Anatomy of God [RAW]


    Posted by MR D | July 1, 2012, 9:16 PM

    Posted by Catholic 4 Lyf! | May 30, 2011, 3:13 PM
    • And what might you be? Yes, you believe in a god, a god catholics proclaim as I see in your name. But you’re also an atheist, because you don’t believe in other gods that the other religions profess with! And the funny part is that you didn’t know it. What a sorry ass you are! LOLZ!
      I’m no satanist, because I have to believe in a higher power like gods and angels to be called a satanist. LOLZ!

      Posted by Darc xeD | January 18, 2012, 6:12 AM


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