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Re-POST: My Comment on “Walkman, at 30, a mystery to teen” by Alejandro Martinez-Cabrera

technology on the runI hate when I see a person, mostly kids that don’t appreciate things specially from the past.  It’s just that they have IPods, PSPs, XBoxes and all sort of these, they think that they have the higher power against the “OLDs“.

Well this is my reaction about the right-up of Mr. Martinez-Cabrera, regarding a teen who gets mystified while trying to use a 30 year old Walkman(a portable cassette-player).

I was born by the time the Sony Walkman was a Top-Of-The-Line product then.  A time when only cassette tapes rules the music mainstream collection aside form LPs of course.  And yet, even though I was in that age of that teen, I still appreciate the “older ones” before the cassette tape introduces (I still have a bunch of CT Collections stored in my room and even have a working Cassette Player for my CTs), like the LPs. And what ever they say about the music quality of the cassettes the hissing and those stuffs, they still have the durability and can be stored for a very long time, and even tested in a “wear and tear” scenarios, unlike the CDs that if you cracked or just scratched it, its finished, and the MP3s that don’t have the quality anymore to be collected, no more spirit of a “collectors item“.  But I don’t hate CDs and MP3s and any of those “New Techs” for I use and buy them (I even have my own PSP and other gadgets), and every time there is a new technology or new gadget, I adjust on it, unlike that teener that can’t go back to the time of the tapes and maybe even LPs.

And here is a little notice for that kiddo,..
You will not exist if not because of your parent and your grand parents, just like the IPod, their will be no “IPod” if theirs no “Walkman” and no “CDs” if theirs no “Cassette tapes.  Try to appreciate those things from the past, and try to learn from it, maybe the “Walkmans and Cassette tapes” are no more (use) to your generation, but remember, everything’s getting old and the technology is fast changing, and one day that IPod of your will be “A” thing of the past, most likely to the next generation of “teen”s.

Article   : Walkman, at 30, a mystery to teen
Author    : Alejandro Martinez-Cabrera
Published : Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Site      :


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