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A Lenten Special: Jesus Christ CruciFiction

WARNING: Before you read this post, if you are a Christian or a believer of any deity, before you react violently or criticize, please read the post with an open-mind and broad understanding. And then try to analyze the writing.

Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus the Christ whom the Christians revered as the god incarnated as man, was executed thru crucifixion. The mainstream Christian religions of the world believed that this man died on the cross, in a place called Calvary, in the outskirt of Jerusalem. As one of the most famous dead person and one of the most studied, we will discuss if this Jesus really died on the cross.

Did Jesus really died?

Did Jesus really died?

It had been taught by most of the Christian religions that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, was suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified and was buried. According to the bible, in the Gospels of Matthew , Mark , Luke and John, Christ was betrayed by Judas, given to the Romans to be judged, scorched at the pillar, made to carry his own cross, crucified, viewed and mocked until his death, which became the main story of his apparent demise. But did he truly died?

In the old times, before the bible was officially compiled, there were different stories about Christ that circulate [around the world wide web..hehe!!] to Christian congregations, and majority of it had the story of Christ execution. But with all those stories about Christ, there is an”other” story, that he did not died or if punished, survived the sufferings and even a story that he was not executed at all. It had also circulated for a time, most especially to those Gnostic occults.

Even in one of the 3 major religions of the world who are the Muslims, they too, believed that Jesus Christ whom they revered as one of their major prophets, did not died, lest, survived the punishment of the Romans and his people.

So, we may ask again. Did Jesus really died?

My answer? I don’t know. Before, I once believed that Christ really died on the cross, because that’s what the bible said so. But as I started to encounter and learned the alternate stories about Christ, now, I can conclude that, the story of Jesus being crucified and died may be untrue. Because, we cannot disregard the “other” story of Jesus survived the execution, just because the mainstream Christian religions said it. Remember, there is a saying that says; “After a fierce battle, the victors always had the power to rewrite history according to what they want to personifies and glorify. But that does not mean it’s all accurately true“.


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