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Atheism and Morality [Raw]

WARNING: Before you read this post, if you are a Christian or a believer of any deity, before you react violently or criticize, please read the post with an open-mind and broad understanding. And then try to analyze the writing.

For hundred of years, it has been said that, if a man is an atheist, that person is cold-hearted, anarchist and immoral, in short EVIL. And all those negative thinking’s about the atheists survived even today. Thanks to those god-believing hypocrites that they know alone what is morally right or wrong.

Good and Evil

Good and Evil

But as time changes, with the help of modern technology like the internet (thank god for the internet.. LOLZ!) many people of today starts to understand atheism and its long bitter-sweet history. And with that, the mythical negative perception about atheism slowly fades away. Many people start to understand that, atheism is not just not believing in a god (or existence of..), but it is also all about freedom. Freedom from hypocrisy, superstitions, blind obedience and religious moral control.

While many of those god-believers or theists still insists that atheism is a ridiculous belief and with no moral values, they forgot to add up in their minds that, in a mans’ evolution, also evolves within is its own morality. It is long been studied and verified by the intellects that, man itself knows naturally what is right or wrong thru experiences in life. But still, man also has the ability as the highest form of all the species, to decide to himself when it is a right thing or not. Let us cite an example.

Violence and war has been there since man learn to fight for his own survival. According to religious moral belief especially Christian moral teachings that, violence and war are both immoral, due to its’ capability to destroy not just properties, cities or countries but also human lives. But do these people ever think of it is moral whenever they declare war on those people whom they believe is opposed to their belief systems or do they justify its morality when they “reconquer” quest of those so-called holy places in what is now Israel? Maybe, everybody who knows his history will conceive an idea of what I’m talking about… The Crusades, right! Do they think it’s moral when they annihilate those men in the name of their god and religion? I don’t think so, probably, their thinking was that it is morally right to eliminate those who opposes them to cleanse the place of infidels through blood.

So, we now conclude that, moral values are not just for those who believe in  god, for they too don’t know what is moral or not. And they too can twist morality thru justification in accordance to what they do believe is right even though it is not.

Now, let us go back to atheism and morality. Atheism too has its own moral values, the only difference is that, atheist moral values is so flexible. Atheist moral values have freedom. Freedom to decide what moral values see, fit for an individual atheist even if an atheist derives it to Christian moral values, Buddhism way of thinking or just plain in itself. That’s the freedom the atheist has, than those deists moral thinking that only justifies according to their religious rules and edicts.

The atheist moral values are so flexible that an ordinary atheist can comprehend in itself and justify if it is morally correct  using the power of logical reasoning, rather than sticking to religious explanations about morality alone. An individual (atheist) can balance things out if what a person will do is immoral or not. Let me give you an example. Abortion, religious or not, everybody knows that an irresponsible aborting of an innocent life is immoral. But, if a mother who’s life is in danger, and aborting the life within it’s mother is the only way, is abortion still immoral? As for those religious people, I don’t know what would be their answer. But if they’ll ever ask me, as an atheist, it is moral, because it still saves a life, the life of the mother who is threatened by her dangerous pregnancy. And that can still be justified, that the supposed couple can make a new one in exchange of the aborted fetus, if the medical practitioner advice them that the next possible pregnancy is much safer than the previous one.

Eupraxsophy, coined by Paul Kurtz, is a nonreligious life stance emphasizing the importance of living ethically by relying on rational methods such as logic, observation and science, rather than faith, mysticism and revelation – a practical analysis of moral philosophy similar to Science of Morality – as his base for his own moral definition and judgment.

That’s how an atheist always do, they balance the issue, reason logically and justify a moral issue in accordance to their own definition of what morality is. An atheist can still derive its answers using some holy books like the bible to find some possible solutions and to justify its validity in terms of morality. That’s how the atheist moral values is so flexible that an atheist can use anything in it’s own disposal, unlike those who believe that god alone knows what moral is, following blindly to those religious authorities to seek answers about moral issues at hand.

Summing up all of these, atheist moral values have flexibility and freedom, because, atheists have the ability to comprehend, balance things, reason logically and justify without possible biases. If those theists only understand atheism and its’ way of thinking, they too can learn more things, if they could only open up their minds and not prejudicing atheism, I’m pretty sure, they will see things a different way than seeing alone through the eyes of their so-called creator.


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4 thoughts on “Atheism and Morality [Raw]

  1. This proves that we really don’t need religion and its so-called moral authorities to know what is moral or not.

    Posted by Blue Merlin Saxony | February 1, 2012, 3:15 AM


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