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Castro 1926 – 2016

Castro 1926 – 2016

One of the most prominent figures of the 20th century, stand-up against the US imperialism, and tried to change the world, Fidel Castro bid farewell. We bid farewell, and respect, the strong man of Cuba. Advertisements


  • Whenever believers try to defend their faith in an intervening God using reason (or more precisely, pseudo-reason), the critical thinker cannot help but point out the fallacies. There is this email being circulated that tries to explain the problem of evil and why God allows pain and suffering. To read more, click the link below.. Thanks! ^_^ via Why God Allows Pain: The Barbershop Theodicy | Filipino Freethinkers.
  • I often hear religious people say that freethinkers are proud people, leaning on their own human understanding. The faithful claim to be humble, acknowledging our limited wisdom and thereby surrendering mind and will to the Almighty, the Supreme Being of the universe. At first it seems they have a point, but if we look closely we’ll see that it’s actually the other way around. While theists may appear humble before their God, they are actually quite contemptuous towards people who do not share their beliefs. To read more, click the link below.. Thanks! via Humility: Reason vs. Faith | Filipino Freethinkers.
  • Lady Gaga will perform in the Philippines, but not if some bigots can help it. Biblemode Youth Philippines has gone on Bible Mode, calling for the blasphemous concert to be canceled. Their protest leader, former Congressman Benny Abante, threatened to file a lawsuit if she sings “Judas,” a performance protesters consider obscene, and therefore, illegal... To read more click the link below.. Thanks! ^_^ via Lady Gaga vs. the Bible: An Obscene-Off | Filipino Freethinkers.
  • This is just a reblog coming from my dear friend Pinay_Ateista regarding Ms. Quiambaos irresponsible comment against LGBT. All I can say is their god is such a lunatic! Related articles [In the news] Miriam Quiambao's apology fails to quell Twitter row with LGBT community ( LGBT rights in the Philippines - any signs of progress this 2012? ( LGBT Community Squares Off Against Pacquiao (

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A freelance programmer, web designer and graphic artist, who loves to play piano and guitar. I love to travel, see new things and observe the culture. I'm also once a Catholic and Gnostic defender of faith but now an Atheist or a non-believer of a deity. And a contributor for Atheist Freedom Wall Word Press page.

I'm not here to force and convert any one on my beliefs or on how I see this world of ours. But I'm here to enlighten any one who are interested and to help them see the world I'm seeing right now.

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